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Do Solar Panels Damage Roofs in Jackson, MS?

More homeowners in Jackson, MS, are waking up to the benefits of installing solar panels. Solar energy is eco-friendly, and besides the upfront costs, you don’t need to spend more money on it. Thus, it can lower or practically eliminate your energy bills.

However, since most people install solar panels on their roofs, it’s natural for anyone thinking about going this route to wonder how the installation will affect their roofing system. So, do solar panels damage roofs?

As the top provider of roof repair services in Jackson, MS, no one is more qualified to answer this question than Patriot Roofing. They’ll provide the answer in this post.

Will Installing Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

Properly installed solar panels don’t damage roofs. Installers carefully drill around the roof to fix the mounts for the panels. Upon successful completion of the installation, the solar panels can actually protect your roof from the elements.

The panels will take some of the rain and snow, reducing the load on your roof system. In the summer months, the panels will shield your roof from the harsh ultraviolet rays. Thus, installing solar panels doesn’t just give you green energy; it can indirectly help your roofing last longer.

However, keep in mind that you’ll only enjoy these benefits if you work with qualified installers. Patriot Roofing has helped a few homeowners across Jackson, MS, correct roof damage due to poor solar panel installation work, so they can’t overstate the importance of being careful about who you choose for the project.

How Do Solar Panels Damage Roofs Following Poor Installation?

Poor solar panel installation work can damage your roof in two major ways.

Excess Weight on Your Roof

There’s a limit to how much weight a roof can carry, no matter how durable. When an inexperienced installer overloads a roof or installs solar panels on roofs that shouldn’t carry them, there’s a risk of the roof falling apart in some sections — assuming it doesn’t cave in completely.

That excess weight may also compromise your home’s foundation.

Leaks and Cracks

Inexperienced installers mounting solar panels the wrong way can leave gaps for water to seep into a roof. The gaps may be due to poor drilling, impact damage due to mishandling of the solar panels, and more. Unfortunately, such leaks and cracks only worsen if you don’t fix them.

So, do solar panels damage roofs? Not if you choose to work with an experienced installation company.

Get Ahead of Roof Damage Early

Do you have roof damage due to solar panel installation work? Ignoring the problem for too long can leave you in need of roof replacement far earlier than normal. Reach out to Patriot Roofing, the number one roofing company in Jackson, MS, for fast and efficient repairs.

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