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How Huntsville, AL, Roofers Patch a Hole in the Roof of Your Home

Are you looking to contact a local professional to patch a hole in the roof of your house but wonder how they'll go about the process? Uncover how the expert roofers address holes in roofing in Huntsville, Alabama, then contact Patriot Roofing, a top-rated roofing company offering superior services.

When You Call a Huntsville Roofer To Patch Your Roof

Roofing holes can become structural vulnerabilities, allowing water, dirt, debris, animals, and insects to enter your property. When moisture gets into your home through a neglected hole, it can lead to expensive and dangerous water damage. From mold growth to other roofing problems, these risks necessitate contacting a Huntsville roofing expert for immediate repairs. 

Here is what you can expect when hiring a local roofer to resolve problems with the hole in your roof:

The Consultation and Preparation Stage

First, your roofer will take a look at your roofing system and damaged shingles. Then, they will:

  • Inform you of their findings and suggest services.
  • Offer a fair and honest service quote.
  • Schedule your repair service appointment.

You can obtain quotes and advice from multiple professionals before choosing the one you like best. 

Removing the Damaged Area and Crafting a Frame

The first step involves removing the shingles and nails around the hole using a pry bar and hammer. They'll cut through the tar paper and old decking, taking measurements to achieve an appropriate-fitting replacement. Before they can patch a hole in the roof, the roofer uses a circular saw while on the roof to remove all of the damaged components.

Using 2x4 lumber, they'll build a sturdy frame to fit around the gap and attach it to plywood that still remains and is in good shape using 8-penny nails. For larger holes, a roofer may opt for 10-penny nails instead. With measurements, they'll cut out replacement materials and set them aside.

Next, roofers test that their patch fits before beginning the installation stage.

Installing the New Plywood and Shingles Over the Hole

Wearing gloves, a Huntsville roofer spreads liquid nails onto the plywood and attaches it to the hole. 8-penny nails will help secure it in place. Addressing the seams comes next, and the roof specialist will add roofing cement to the seams. After this, they'll cut and add tar paper over the respective spot.

A roofing nail in every corner will ensure this doesn't move in the future. Following the tap paper, roofers will begin to install the new shingles, perfectly matching the roof's current color and style. They'll work bottom to top, nailing them firmly in and finishing up with a layer of roofing tar.

Receive Top-Notch Roof Repairs from the Most Trusted Roofing Company Serving Huntsville, Alabama

When you need a reliable roofing company to patch a hole in the roof of your Huntsville house, turn to the experienced and personable experts at Patriot Roofing. The team knows how to expertly deal with loose roof shingles and has helped many Huntsville residents with their roofing needs.

Schedule your free estimate with Patriot Roofing today and take care of Huntsville roofing troubles the right way!

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