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How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected in Jackson, MS?

Like most property owners in Jackson, MS, you value the roof over your head. However, you might forget about regular checks and maintenance. How often should you have your roof inspected? Patriot Roofing, a provider of top-rated roofing services in Jackson, MS, provides some professional insights below.  

What Influences Your Roof’s Condition?

Although roofs should undergo a minimum number of inspections, your location, and the roof’s condition influence whether you need more inspections. Some influencing factors include:

  • Local climate: Regional climate factors into your roof’s lifespan. In Jackson, MS, temperatures rarely dip below freezing. The average rainfall for the area is about three to five inches each month. Therefore, heat, moisture, and humidity will affect your roof the most. 
  • Age of the roof: As roofs age, they become weaker and more prone to storm damage and loose shingles. You should schedule inspections more frequently to ensure its structural integrity. 
  • Type of roofing materials: Some materials are stronger than others. For example, asphalt shingles can last up to 30 years. However, metal roofs may last twice as long. 
  • Amount of tree coverage: Tree coverage protects roofs from constant sun exposure. Conversely, they shed debris that may cause weak spots. If severe storms move through your area, they could cause limbs and trees to fall, which damage roofs. 

Your roofing contractor can recommend an inspection schedule based on your roof’s condition. 

Conducting Self-Inspections

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends property owners inspect their roofs twice yearly. If you can safely access and survey your roof, perform DIY roof inspections in the spring and autumn. Use the following checklist during your inspections:

  • Do you see obvious damage? Look for warped, curling, or missing shingles and buckling roof flashing. Report them to your roofing contractor. 
  • Did you notice changes you didn’t see before? If you can’t identify damage, ensure your roof’s appearance hasn’t changed significantly. 
  • Can you access and remove debris? Sometimes, debris from trees gathers in one area. If you can safely access the area, remove the debris and inspect the area for soft spots. 
  • What materials can you find in the gutters? When cleaning your gutters, keep an eye out for shingle granules. 

You should also inspect your roof following severe weather events. 

How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected By Professionals?

You should schedule inspections from roofing experts in addition to your self-inspections. How often should you have your roof inspected by professionals? Schedule professional inspections annually at a minimum. The inspector should do the following during an inspection service:

  • Access areas you can’t safely inspect
  • Examine concerns you noted during DIY inspections
  • Check for types of damage you might have missed 

If they discover missed concerns, they’ll address them with you to determine how to service the damage. 

Book an Inspection Appointment in Jackson, MS, from Patriot Roofing

How often should you have your roof inspected? Your roof should undergo inspections three times yearly: two DIY inspections and one professional inspection. The professionals at Patriot Roofing ensure you know about all types of roof damage and how to handle them, so schedule your next roof inspection today.

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