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How To Fix Ponding on a Flat Roof in Jackson, MS

It’s reasonable to expect your home or business’s flat roof to get wet from constant exposure to the elements. However, you shouldn’t expect the roof to develop a standing water problem. Ponding can lead to serious roofing complications like leaks and mold, so knowing how to fix ponding on a flat roof is important. 

If you’re experiencing pooling water on your roof, you must act quickly to avoid serious structural damage. Patriot Roofing offers certified roof repairs in Jackson, MS. Here’s what this experienced roofing contractor says about addressing ponding water issues on flat roofs. 

How To Stop and Prevent Ponding Water on Flat Roofs in Jackson

Ponding is another way to refer to a roof puddle that stays on a flat roof longer than 48 hours without rainfall. These popular Jackson roofing systems may be flat, but they should have a slight pitch and drainage system to prevent ponding. The water won’t immediately create a problem but could cause major property damage over time.

When water lingers on a flat roof, it can degrade the membrane that covers roofing seams. As a result, water may start seeping into the roofing system and eventually the building itself. The water will further degrade the roofing system, compromise the home’s or business’s structural integrity, and lead to other damage like mold, which only takes one or two days to develop in the right conditions. 

Learn how to fix ponding on a flat roof in Jackson with the following tips.

Clear Roof Drains and Gutters

The first step is to flush the roof’s drains. If they clog with debris, rainwater and snowmelt won’t have a way to flow off the roof. You can keep the drains clear by scheduling the service twice yearly with a roofing contractor.

Install Additional Roof Drainage

Depending on where the ponding occurs on your roof, installing additional drainage may be the best solution. If possible, an experienced roofing contractor could drill into a parapet wall near the roof’s edge to install a drain with a downspout. 

Use Roofing Crickets

Crickets in roofing refer to rigid wooden structures that divert water away from roof protrusions like vents and chimneys. The areas around these roof components sometimes have a hard time draining water. The crickets can help with that to prevent leaks around vulnerable spots. 

Replace the Roofing Membrane

Roofing membranes can hold up well against ponding. Still, you should replace a degraded membrane with a high-performing style to prevent roofing leaks.

Trust Patriot Roofing To Address Ponding on Your Jackson Roof

While knowing how to fix ponding on a flat roof is great, you’ll still need a qualified roofer to implement long-term solutions. Patriot Roofing is one of the top roofing contractors serving Jackson, Mississippi, and nearby communities. Their well-trained roofers can quickly assess your flat or sloped roofing, determine the best steps to address its problems, and execute a plan of action flawlessly.

If you’re debating over a metal roof vs. shingles or whether to repair or replace a water-damaged roof, their team can help. Contact Patriot Roofing in Jackson today for a consultation.

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