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How to Properly Deal with Loose Roof Shingles in Jackson, MS

You’ve taken inventory of your property’s roof and noticed missing or loose roof shingles. What should you do? Patriot Roofing, a provider of professional roof repairs in Jackson, MS, guides you through the repair process below. 

Choosing Professional vs. DIY Help

First and foremost, you might wonder whether you should tackle repairs on your own. After all, the cost-effectiveness of DIY vs. professional repairs tempts many property owners in Jackson, MS. However, a DIY repair job can lead to numerous roofing mistakes that may cost you more money in the long run. 

Plus, you must gather the correct roofing materials and tools if you don’t already own them. These purchases alone could eat through your budget. Since DIY repairs may also cost you your warranty and insurance coverage, a trusted roofing contractor is the best option. 

Step 1: Thorough Roof Inspection

Professional roofers begin by thoroughly inspecting your roof for additional damage. While you probably identified some immediately visible damage, you might miss other structural issues elsewhere. Roofing contractors can safely assess damaged roof shingles in places you might miss.   

Step 2: Gathering Materials and Planning Repairs

After locating damaged areas, the roofer will source roofing materials necessary for repairs. Some common roofing repair tools include:

  • Pry bar: Loosened roofing shingles can still stick stubbornly to the sub-roof. A pry bar effectively and cleanly removes them. 
  • Roofing nails: The roofer can securely attach new shingles to the sub-roof. 
  • Safety gear: Items like tool pouches, gloves, grippy boots, and goggles protect the roofer from flying debris or losing their balance. 
  • Replacement shingles: Your contractor should source shingles identical to your current ones. 
  • Sealant: Sealant products secure the new shingles to the sub-roof 
  • Hammer: The hammer’s force drives the roofing nails through the shingles and sub-roof.

The service may take longer if the roofer uncovers more severe damage and requires additional materials. 

Step 3: Removing Damaged or Loose Roof Shingles

After gathering the tools and materials needed to mend minor roof damage, the contractor will begin repairs by removing damaged or loose roof shingles. Most roofers follow these steps:

  1. Slip the pry bar under the damaged shingle. 
  2. Apply gentle pressure by pushing up with the pry bar.
  3. Move the pry bar near the now exposed nails, pulling upward. 
  4. After lifting each nail, gather the removed shingles and hardware for safekeeping. 

Step 4: Replacing Missing or Damaged Shingles

Finally, the roofer will replace the damaged shingles with new ones by:

  • Slipping the new shingle in the exposed area. 
  • Dispensing sealant along the edges of the new shingle. 
  • Nailing the shingle down with new roofing nails. 

This process secures the shingles to the sub-roof. Your roofer may recommend other repair techniques, depending on the damage severity. In such cases, repair services may take longer and have varying steps. 

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Have you noticed missing or loose roof shingles on your home or business in Jackson, MS? Premature roof damage could indicate a bad roof installation service. Contact Patriot Roofing for inspection, repair, and installation services to protect your property.

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