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The 5 Types of Roof Damage Jackson, MS Homeowners Should Know

Homeowners have a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining the exterior of a home. Unfortunately, that means it’s easy to ignore the roof as it develops damage that could eventually need extensive repair. However, spotting signs of damage early could prevent structural damage.

This post explores the types of roof damage most commonly in need of roof repairs in Jackson, MS, as well as how teams like Patriot Roofing address these issues. The team also provides reliable roof replacement and repair in Jackson and the surrounding areas.

Five Roof Damage Types That Are Common in Jackson, Mississippi

#1 Damaged Shingles

Shingles can withstand harsh weather for years, but not forever. Eventually, the shingles will start to show signs of age. 

Shingles in good condition have a flat appearance on the roof, but failing shingles buckle, curl, and crack. Missing shingles also allow rainwater to seep through to the underlayment of the roof, potentially leading to structural damage and water damage from leaks.

#2 Undetected Leaks

Putting off roof repair could cause a sneaky leak to cause serious problems. If you see water rings on the ceiling, you may be dealing with water damage. It also shows up as a musty smell in the home because of mold infestation, which can cause serious health problems. 

#3 Organic Growth

When moss and algae grow on a roof, they form black streaks that make a home look neglected. They also destroy shingles by growing roots and causing them to crack. Calling a professional roofer for repair and remediation as soon as possible is imperative.

#4 Winter Weather

In areas that experience harsh winter weather, excess ice is one of the main types of roof damage every year. As temperatures warm after a winter storm, snow on the roof starts to melt. If temperatures drop again, the melted snow refreezes, forming ice dams along the edge of the roof. 

Ice dams can grow over the course of a few days, and if they’re too heavy for the roof to support, they could cause serious structural damage. They could also cause serious injury if they fall on someone below. Maintaining the gutter system and installing roof ventilation can help.

#5 Aging Roof

No roof lasts forever, and eventually, these materials will succumb to old age. Over the years, every roof ends up with unavoidable damage, like anything else on a home. A roofing professional can work wonders on an outdated roof via repairs, but when the damage extends beyond a certain point, they may suggest roof replacement.

Call for Expert Roofing Repair in Jackson Today!

A roof can develop issues surprisingly quickly. One course of action is to call a professional roofer as soon as possible. Entrusting a team like Patriot Roofing with regular roof maintenance is an even better way to ensure you don’t have to replace your roof earlier than expected.

Fill out the online form to ask questions about different types of roof damage or schedule a no-frills estimate in Jackson and the nearby areas, even crossing into Alabama!

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