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What Causes Mold on the Roof Shingles of Your Jackson, MS, Home?

What causes mold on roof shingles? Unfortunately, the combination of humid, hot conditions and moisture from heavy rain can spell disaster for homeowners living in Jackson, Mississippi. Learn more about how mold develops on roofing shingles, then schedule responsive roof repairs in Jackson, MS.

Understanding Why Mold Grows and How You Can Stop It

Mold grows faster than you might imagine with the right conditions. While it can accumulate in flooded basements and damp bathrooms, mold can also grow and spread on warm, wet roofs, causing structural, aesthetic, and safety problems. Depending on how long the mold remains a threat to the roofing system, a property owner could end up needing expensive roof repairs or a replacement.

Why Do You Have Mold on Your Jackson, Mississippi Roof?

What causes mold on roof shingles? Some of the most likely reasons you have a mold problem are:

  • Not enough sunlight passes over your roof
  • Heavy rainstorms and moist weather conditions
  • Clogged gutters and debris coating your roof
  • A lack of regular maintenance or roof cleanings

Mold needs a moist area to grow, and your roofing system could have the conditions it needs to succeed. Roof leaks, damp areas from recent rainstorms, and other vulnerabilities can help mold spread across your roof's surface, potentially getting in the home's attic or interior walls.

If access to direct sunlight remains obstructed, mold will also continue to grow. Try to trim trees and branches that get in the way of sunlight access and tackle mold and algae growth with annual roof maintenance services in Jackson, Mississippi. It makes a big difference!

How To Achieve a Mold-Free Roofing System in Jackson, Mississippi

One of the best methods for removing black streaks on your roof is to spray bleach and water mixture onto the affected areas. You can carefully use brushes and other tools to wash away and scrub the mold, revealing the hidden shingles below. You'll also see if you need professional roof repairs.

Hiring a local roofer prevents the need to purchase equipment and cleaning products and decreases your chances of getting hurt or breathing in mold spores. An expert will take care of mold safely and effectively, saving you time and money. Therefore, it's not worth the risk of doing the job yourself when there's a more logical, reliable option as a Jackson resident. 

Tips for Preventing Future Incidents With Mold on the Roof

Some of the top tips for avoiding future run-ins with mold on your roof are keeping your roof and gutter system clean and performing repairs as soon as possible. Call a professional!

Reach Out to Patriot Roofing for Top-Notch Roof Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs in Jackson, Mississippi

Since you now know what causes mold on roof shingles, you can turn to the expert team at Patriot Roofing to properly remove mold and other concerns from your home's roofing system. They can also tackle some of the most common types of roof damage and recommend the best course of action, such as repairs or replacement.

Contact the most trusted roofing professionals in Jackson, Mississippi, for a service appointment!

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