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What Does Wind Damage Look Like on a Roof in Huntsville, AL?

A severe storm can cause major problems with your roof, especially if the weather includes strong winds. Wind can be powerful enough to uproot trees and cause power lines to topple and create hazardous conditions. So, what does wind damage look like on a roof?

As the best roofing company in Huntsville, Alabama, Patriot Roofing has years of experience repairing roof damage from high winds. Here, their roofing experts explain the basics of recognizing wind damage on roofing materials.

What Are the Signs of Wind-Related Roof Damage in Huntsville?

According to the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, wind damage from severe thunderstorms accounts for about 50% of severe weather reports in 48 states. Though the design of quality roofing systems ensures the structures can withstand exposure to the elements, high winds can still cause trouble. 

If you're asking, "What does wind damage look like on a roof?" consider the following wind-related roof issues, appearances, and interior warning signs.

Shingle Granule Loss

Granules are pebble-like materials that adhere to the outermost layer of asphalt shingles to protect the roofing material from UV ray damage from sunlight. The granules give asphalt shingles a texture similar to sandpaper.

However, strong winds could cause the granules to loosen and fall off of the roof. If you suspect roof damage after a severe storm, check your gutters. In most cases, loose shingle granules will collect in gutters or on the ground beneath gutters. 

Missing Shingles

One of the most clear visual indicators of wind damage on roofs is missing shingles. If you inspect your roof from the ground after a storm and see bald patches, contact a roof repair service immediately. Missing shingles make your roof and home more susceptible to leaks. 

Curling or Lifting Shingles

Sometimes shingles will curl or lift around their corners due to wind instead of falling off the roof completely. The shingles on the roof of your Huntsville property should be flat. Any signs of curling or lifting should be cause for concern because water can still seep under the wind-damaged materials and compromise the structural integrity of the roofing system.

Soffit or Fascia Damage

Your Huntsville home's soffit and fascia help prevent water from accumulating around the roof, minimizing the risk of a leak. Unfortunately, intense wind can crack, bend, or loosen fascia and soffit. With damaged soffit and fascia, it becomes easier for water and pests to get inside your roofing system and home. 

Water Damage Inside Your Home

You might not see visible damage to your roof since some problems aren't immediately noticeable from the ground. However, water stains on your ceiling often signify a roof leak from wind damage.

Get Help for Your Huntsville Roof Damage with Patriot Roofing Today

What does wind damage look like on a roof? The skilled roofers from Patriot Roofing are experts in identifying wind damage on roofs in Huntsville, Alabama and making effective, long-lasting repairs. They can handle everything from roof hole patching to replacing damaged flashing, soffit, and fascia.

Contact Patriot Roofing today for a free damage assessment.

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